About Us

Bass Machining Incorporated. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of metal parts and assemblies. The Bass family has worked in the Machining Industry for 27 years. James Bass, owner and President of Bass Machining, founded the Baltimore based Corporation in 1997. Prior to Bass Machining, James partnered and operated another local Machining Company for 15 years.

At Bass Machining, we pride ourselves in versatility. Our willingness to undertake any project, producing cost effective, quality solutions for our customers has attributed to our growth and success. Our years of experience have enabled us to diversify our manufacturing, which is not limited to any specific metal or non-metal. Our team doesn’t like to think of ourselves as specializing in one thing, yet having the ability to do most all things. We will manufacture 1 piece products to 100,000 piece projects.

Bass Machining currently employees 15 people, with a manufacturing floor consisting of 15 machines. We recently moved from a 6,000 square foot building to a 15,000 square foot building to accommodate for larger scale contracts. With the new building, Bass Machining is dedicated to continuing the growth of our Business.

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